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ALADDIN: Executives: Bankruptcy filing likely best online casino singapore




Aladdin executives conceded Monday that the troubled Strip megaresort will likely file for bankruptcy protection.


In a Monday Securities and Exchange Commission filing, Aladdin owner Aladdin Gaming Holdings said a bankruptcy is likely because the property lacks sufficient cash to continue conducting business.


“(The Aladdin’s bankers) have expressed a willingness to consider additional extensions of credit to address its immediate working capital requirements, but only after the commencement of a Chapter 11 bankruptcy,” the filing noted. “Management believes the circumstances described above make it likely that (Aladdin Gaming) will seek protection of its creditors through the filing of a voluntary petition under Chapter 11 of the United States Bankruptcy Code.”


Monday’s announcement was no surprise to casino industry experts.


Andrew Zarnett, a casino industry debt analyst for Deutsche Banc Alex. Brown, had predicted the scenario earlier this month after Aladdin minority owner London Clubs International announced that a proposed agreement with the property’s majority owner, the Sommer Family Trust, to refinance the property’s $742.6 million debt had fallen apart.


“The Aladdin’s been taking steps toward bankruptcy protection and reorganization throughout the past 12 months,” Zarnett said at the time. “It’s becoming more …

PaySports Rolls Out Webmaster Madness Dominoqq Promotion $150 Bonus Paid Out for Qualified Referrals

SAN JOSE, COSTA RICA – September 8, 2002 – PaySports, the new multi-brand sportsbook affiliate program, today announced it will pay a $150 bonus for every five new webmasters that partners refer into the program in September.


SAN JOSE, COSTA RICA – September 8, 2002 – PaySports, the new multi-brand sportsbook affiliate program, today announced it will pay a $150 bonus for every five new webmasters that partners refer into the program in September.


“The Webmaster Madness promotion is about putting more money in the pockets of hard-working webmasters,” said program manager Kevin Newton. “We are putting no limits on the number of times a webmaster can qualify for the $150 bonus, and we’ve practically eliminated the qualification requirements for referrals.”


PaySports is located at


The Webmaster Madness $150 bonus will run through September and is in addition to the standard $50 paid out for each webmaster referral. Webmasters are credited for referrals that sign up a minimum of two customers who make a deposit of $25 or more and wager it two times.


“September is one of the busiest months for sportsbooks,” Newton said. “New Dominoqq accounts are being funded, old ones are …

More Women Seeking Ligaz11 Gambling Information on, an online gaming portal for women, has reported that it is receiving over 1,000 unique visitors each day., an online gaming portal for women, has reported that it is receiving over 1,000 unique visitors each day. This is up over 100 per cent over the previous week. Numerous industry studies have shown that women represent more than 50 per cent of the online gambling population, and industry experts say that women’s activities in gambling-related sites have been increasing. “Women’s interest in online gambling is certainly on the rise,” said Maryann Morrison, CEO of Morrison Intermedia, which markets the website. “Gamble Goddess was created to bring these women together, and the recent surge in web traffic is showing us that more women are interested in sharing gambling information.”


The site has been in existence since July 2001. The owners at Yorktown Ventures, Inc., a New York City based company, noticed that women did not have a comfortable place to find information on gambling and that the number of women playing in online casinos was rising rapidly. One of the many reasons that women tend to enjoy gambling online is the anonymity of the Internet and that they …

Basic Slot Gacor Poker Strategy — It isn’t Set in Stone

Just when you think you’ve mastered most of the important angles in poker, you discover something that doesn’t make sense. That’s because poker is actually a counterintuitive game. For this reason, many intelligent people have a difficult time mastering the game. Poker success requires more than knowing the basic strategy.

For example, it is common knowledge that as your position improves, you can play more hands. This is undoubtedly true, but it’s also not always the case.

Suppose you are in a loose limit hold’em game and you hold a small pair like 2 – Z. If you are in early position you can limp in (call if someone has bet or check if no one has bet), anticipating that you will get the multiway pot you desire. This is especially desirable if you have timid opponents behind you.

From the middle position, you should definitely fold the same 2 – 2. You cannot anticipate getting the same multiway action you could when you were in early position because a player behind you is more likely to raise in an attempt to isolate you. So here is an example where you could play a hand from early position, whereas you …

UFA Championship Hold’em

One of the things I try to do when reviewing books is to judge the book according to what the book tries to be, not what I think the book should be. Championship Hold’em is trying to be a lot. It presents itself as a book aimed at all hold’em players: novices and professionals alike. That’s a pretty big target. When writing a book, the big targets are much harder to hit than the small ones.


They’ve come very close to hitting that target. A wide range of players will find the book interesting. It’s not a book for a rank beginner. It doesn’t include descriptions of the betting rounds or a table that tells you a flush beats a straight. If you have no experience at the game you’re better off starting with a book like Poker – Hold’em: Book One, by Andy Nelson, or The Winner’s Guide to Texas Hold’em by Ken Warren, or Winning Low-Limit Hold’em by Lee Jones, or even my Complete Book of Hold’em Poker. But, if you have any experience at all in the game, enough to know the difference between the flop and the turn, then Championship Hold’Em aims at you and …

Poisonous ligaz11 Poker: A Poker Cop Mystery

There have been three poisoning deaths at the Las Vegas Majestic’s Poker Room. The Chief of Poker Room Security, Talbot, The Poker Cop, continues the investigation.


Detective Rook, Chief of the Las Vegas Strip Police, ignores Donny the Dealer’s story of the strange goings-on at the Sinners Table and to Red Penny and me he says, “This was not a total waste of my time. While you two were watching the betting and raising, I was watching, and taking notes, on the drinks. Before I see the bartenders and the waitresses I want an explanation of how poker room bar service works.”


Red Penny calls the Food and Beverage Manager, who sends down Ann Gilhooley, the Department’s Beverage Services Supervisor.


Ann Gilhooley, “Ancient Annie,” is a sour-faced curmudgeonly old lady who, according to Joey Rosenberg, was the waitress at the Last Supper. Annie, charming as ever, walks in and asks Rook, “Who the hell are you?”


Rook explains that he is, in fact, LVPD Detective Lieutenant Richard Rook, which earns him a heartfelt, “You don’t look like a cop. Tally looks like a cop. You look like one of my ex-husbands and he wasn’t no cop. …

Winning at CyberBlackjack

Where to Play Blackjack Online

It’s one of many common questions on the minds of newcomers to online casino gambling: Are the blackjack hands dealt from a shoe?

In the case of every software package to be run through third-party testing, the answer is yes. And the next logical question is, “Wouldn’t that make it extremely easy to count cards?”

Those who know the ins and outs of gambling understand that successful card counting in blackjack is one of the few ways to gain an edge on the casino. Because most casinos use multiple decks (typically as many as six), only those who are extremely skilled at counting cards can achieve this.

That makes Internet blackjack a very attractive alternative because it’s a breeze counting cards when you can write down every card that is turned–something that’s prohibited at terrestrial casinos for obvious reasons–and clean house, right?

ot quite. The second variable in determining the difficulty of counting cards is penetration (the number of cards dealt before the deck is reshuffled). This is because a counter cannot assess the probability of certain cards being dealt until the majority of cards have already been shown.

Internet casinos, unlike real-world casinos, have …

Three New Progressives from Jackpot Madness in Situs Judi Slot Online Terpercaya

Jackpot Madness – Jackpot Madness is pleased to announce that Microgaming-powered casinos now feature three new, unique progressive games: the Internet’s only progressive Blackjack, the first progressive cyberstud poker on the web, and an exciting new progressive video poker game.

These three new games, Triple Sevens Progressive Blackjack, Cyberstud Progressive Poker and Jackpot Deuces Progressive Video Poker, will join the world’s largest online cash progressive network, Jackpot and further confirm Jackpot as the world’s #1 jackpot destination.

Triple Sevens Progressive Blackjack is the Internet’s only progressive Blackjack. A $1 fixed bet wagered automatically on each hand makes the player eligible for the jackpot. The progressive jackpot is won if the first three cards of the player’s hand consist of three diamond sevens.

Cyberstud Progressive Poker, the Internet’s first progressive cyberstud poker, is a progressive table game with jackpots for a Flush or better. A Royal Flush pays out the progressive jackpot.

Jackpot Deuces Progressive Video Poker is a Deuces Wild progressive video poker game. The progressive Situs Judi Slot Online Terpercaya jackpot is won with a Diamond Royal Flush.

These three groundbreaking games are the latest additions to the vast Jackpot Madness progressive network, joining the well-established favorites …

I Got A Judi Slot Online Complaint!

At WINNERonline we hear a lot of complaints from Internet casino players. Some are justified, many are not. Either way there is usually a solution to the problem and often there are ways to avoid the problem in the first place. Let’s look at a few of the most common complaints.


I just won $$$ at Casino XYZ and they haven’t paid me yet. Help!

Every casino has very specific payout procedures and the player must follow them closely. In many cases the player simply hasn’t allowed enough time for the payout process to run its course. Checks may only be processed at the end of the month, for example. Also checks will take time to work their way through the (often international) mail system. Want your money faster? Look at the money wire or bank transfer options but be sure you read the fine print. These options often have service fees and/or amount restrictions.


Whether it’s your first or your 50th casino we can’t stress enough the importance of studying the casino’s withdrawal procedure in detail before you deposit money and play.


I keep emailing the casino and they don’t respond!

I can’t count the number …

Situs Poker Online Pkv Games And Public Relations And

Ladbrokes invited us on its poker cruise in October, and it was very enjoyable. It was a great atmosphere, and the Ladbrokes team put on a great show. You may think that I’m waxing lyrical to suck up to them, and if you do, you’re a poor judge of character. To begin with, there was a stand in the embarkation hall for anyone needing assistance, and then as we stepped onto the ship, poker CEO Albert Tapper was there to introduce himself and greet us. Nice move, Albert, nothing beats the personal touch.


On the first night of the cruise, they held a cocktail party for the draw of the heats, a very sociable affair with Roy “The Boy” doing an excellent compeer’s job. On the night of the final, there was another cocktail party to introduce the finalists and hold a Calcutta auction; this created great razzmatazz and buzz. It strikes me that Ladbrokes put a lot of thought and effort into this cruise and deserves a big pat on the back. Cash games, satellites, and additional tournaments were available to suit every pocket, and the structure for the main event was excellent (more about that another time). …