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There have only been a handful of movies made that revolve around poker. Most motion pictures tend to show a brief scene or two and weave it into the storyline. Of the few that have anything to do with poker at all, even fewer are worth the airtime. Here is a collection of noteworthy movies released through the ages that are more specific about poker as the main theme.


Rounders slot online is often touted as one of the best and most inspirational poker movies in existence. No Limit Texas Hold’Em gained a new fan base when this movie brought it into millions of homes around the country and, indeed, around the world. Released in 1998, this movie stars Matt Damon in the lead role, playing a reformed gambler who is forced to play another game of high stakes poker in order to help his friend pay off the loan sharks that are after him. Johnny Chan has a cameo role.


Maverick is a feel-good, fun movie in true Mel Gibson style. It follows the Old West gambling scene – booze, cowboys and cards – and leads up to a major poker tournament where the …

Prediksi pertandingan bola Slot Online Real Madrid vs Real Sociedad




Real Madrid akhir minggu ini hendak lawan Real Sociedad pekan 13 La Liga Spanyol. Tempuh pertarungan markas sendiri Estadio Santiago Barnabeu tentu optimis Carlo Ancelotti kembali persembahkan kemajuan utk publik Real Madrid. Sepanjang musim lalu Real Sociedad sanggup tampil bagus pada bertemu dgn Real Madrid. Tapi Los Blancos mampu simpan 1 keuntungan atas dua perjumpaan dengan sisa 1 duel finis seri.test1


Real Madrid tengah pada kondisi bagus selepas memperoleh 2 kesuksesan dari La Liga Spanyol pada ganda minggu belakang dr Sevilla & Rayo Vallecano. Tujuan seluruh pemain usai menahan imbang Juventus dalam lawatan Juventus Stadium ketika Turin Italia kemarin hanya ciptakan skor seri 2 – 2. Fokus Real Madrid balik tukar dengan Slot Online duel akhir minggu itu pada Estadio Santiago Barnabeu.


Musuh mereka bukan tim yang rendahan malahan Real Sociedad yg minggu kemarin mampu menundukkan Osasuna secara score telak 5 – 0 serta berjaya menyudahi raksasa Liga Primer Inggris MU di duel pekan empat Liga Champions Eropa lalu pada Estadio de Anoeta. Pelatih Real Sociedad Jagoba Arrasate membenarkan pada lawatan markas Real Madrid tanggal 10 November 2013 pekan malam mereka yakin akan bawa setidaknya 1 poin.


Tambahan poin luar biasa berguna untuk …

Taruhan bola Slot Online – AS Roma Haus dengan Keunggulan




AS Roma balik hendak menjalani ekspektasi unggul untuk pemuncak klassemen Serie A Liga Italia dgn lawan kru papan bawah Sassuolo di rumah sendiri Olimpico Stadium. Rekor baik kesuksesan AS Roma selama masa 10 kompetisi kudu terhalang untuk performa menawan dari Torino dalam Olimpico Turin minggu kemarin dengan skor draw 1 – 1. Di dalam pekan 11 itu AS Roma sebenernya sanggup utk memimpin dgn tendangan keras gelandang sumber Belanda, Kevin Strootman.test1


Hadapi rampung putaran ke 2 sayangnya kelemahan AS Roma tersingkap utk lini belakang dengan terciptanya gol untuk Alessandro Cerci. Impak draw menciptakan AS Roma hancur menambah rekor keunggulan sempurna menjadi 11 pertandingan. Walau berhasil selalu membela capolista dengan hasil 31 poin di 11 kompetisi tersebut masih belum pas menempelkan kondisi mereka setaraf pemuncak duel Serie A Liga Italia musim berikut. Sebab dua tim terhebat masih menanti kompetisi gede yaitu Juventus juga Napoli.


Permainan menawan daripada AS Roma mesti balik keliatan akhir minggu ini tatkala bermain zona sendiri kontra Sassuolo ungkap gelandang serang Miralem Pjanic. Identitas Miralem Pjanic juga terakhir ini amat hangat dalam media sepakbola Slot Online Italia setelah memperoleh tawaran personal dalam hengkang dr Olimpico Roma beriringan Manchester United. Walaupun pemberitaan tersebut …




Nothing quite beats the rush of taking a coin and scratching away the grey covering to reveal a scratch card’s secret numbers. Scratch cards have been a hugely popular way of gambling for many years, as they are simple, cheap, and fun to play. They are also ideal for people on the move who don’t have much time to play other casino games.


Nowadays, it is so easy for fans of this quick and relaxed form of gambling to get their fix. Instead of going into the shop, purchasing the cards, finding a suitable coin and scratching away the surface, players can now do it all online. There are sites that specialise in online scratch cards, and it is becoming an increasingly popular phenomenon.


There are plenty of online sites now where players can scratch for cash or play for free. The free games are a lot of fun, and players can play them for hours without spending a penny. This can give players an idea of how the cards work before they invest and play for real money.


Upon joining an online scratch card site, JBO players are often given some attractive sign up …




Soccer or football (depending on your country), is one of the most popular sports to bet on. In the world of betting (on soccer), just like in real life, it is important for you to set a certain goal and work towards it. You might be asking yourself: How should I bet on soccer? What are the basic principles? How much money will I make? If you are a beginner and if you are interested in betting on soccer, this article will help you. First off, if you want to win against your soccer bookies, you must know the primary principles of soccer betting (knowing when and how to bet).


There are a few important factors that you need to consider before entering the world of soccer betting:


Team Form: pay attention to their recent team formation. Check the situation and the player of the opposition. If you are available, you should read the game reports to check if the opposing team won because the opposition of the other team was unlucky.


Home and Away Records: it is important to check for home and away statistics. Sometimes teams will play better at their home ground …

Tricks To Develop Your Online Betting


What sorts of cunning feats of talent can anybody perform in a casino? Using the Coral Connect Card, you can make deposits, withdraw winnings and make bets. The winnings can add as much as unbelievable, life-changing sums. If you’re looking for somewhere, you can guess at residence, within the office, on the bus, or anywhere else on the go; these are the online betting websites you’ve been in search of. Don’t overlook that there are many ways to guess online. We’ll walk you thru all the small print you could find out about learn how to bet online. Once you win a pot (the entire amount of cash wager in a single recreation), do not reach for it. You can also make all of your real money bets so long as you may have a smartphone and a connection to the internet.

If you’re on the lookout for an enjoyable, friendly community, nice video games, brilliant bingo, and real money wins, you’re in the fitting place. The primary place it is best to stop if you’re completely brand new to betting online is right here. One of the best betting sites we’ve helpful right here is not resting on …

12 men arrested on the latest crackdown on internet Togel Hongkong gambling in the US



On the latest example of US authorities’ crackdown on internet gambling, 12 men who helped run a multi-million dollar Costa Rica-based sports betting website were arrested and charged with illegal gambling and money laundering.


The US attorney in the Southern District of New York, which charged the group, said that the websites had gathered millions of dollars a year from hundreds of bookies since at least 2005.


The internet Togel Hongkong gambling operation was run by Carmen “Buddy” Cicalese, who remains at large, the US attorney said. His accomplices included men with a list of colourful pseudonyms, such as Louis “Lou the Shoe” Santos, Marc “Box” Group, and Carl “Sheepshead” Muraco. The case has been handled by the organised crime unit of the US attorney’s office.


The indictment claims the men were collecting fees from sports book-keepers within the US. The bookies would register their clients with the sites for a fee of $15-$30, and gamblers could then placed bets by phone or over the internet, via sites such as, the indictment said. Sports betting, with a few exceptions such as horse racing, is illegal in the US outside of Nevada.


“If everything …

NLOP Partnership with Togel Singapore Players Network



Players Network, a leader in the industry of “gaming lifestyle,” has announced their partnership with the National League of Poker (NLOP) to invent a new online poker site under the Players Network brand. This new online poker room will, like, bring legal and free online poker to the world. Even without real money stakes and tournament buy-ins, there is still plenty of money to be won (due to sponsorships and advertisements that this type of site runs off of), with cash prizes to the tune of $50,000.


Apparently, NLOP will manage and operate the legal online poker room, but Players Network will be compensated through a percentage of the advertisements, a monthly fee on each player, and a substantial piece of the revenue made off VIP subscriptions that provide players with access to premium services and content. In addition, Players Network will have rights to the site’s registration database to market their services to. Players Network’s president of programming, Michael Berk, explains in a article that with the “unparalleled ability to run ads for ‘Players Network’s Poker Club’ on our proprietary programming in over 22 million TV homes in the US, 121 million TV homes …

Learn The Basics Of The Game Of Soccer like 2022 Lang Calendars



The game of soccer is played in two halves, the lengths varying between age groups, but professionals, college and high school play two 45 minute halves. The most obvious rules to soccer are that the game is played between two teams, consisting of nine players and a goalie. The players on each team are divided into offense and defense, and are only allowed to play the soccer ball with their feet. The main objective in soccer is to kick the ball into the opposing teams’ goal, scoring a point, or a goal. Only the goalie is allowed to use either his or her hands as well as feet. Soccer players will often practice “juggling”, which is a skill that consists of keeping the ball in the air through the use of the feet, knees, thighs, head, or chest, all legal places on the body to control the ball.


The use of the hands or the arm will result in the opposing team taking possession of the ball like in 2022 Lang Calendars. When a player on one of the teams kicks or knocks the ball out of bounds on the two long sides of the soccer …

Cara Mengamankan Akun Togel dari Hacker di Server Poker V



Siapa yg tak kenal dengan server poker yg satu ini, web yg sudah cukup lama seperti  pokerpelangi, indoqq, poker228, elangqq, dominoqq dll. Atau web poker yg terpercaya seperti Itubndar, Bejoqq, Garampoker & Meja365. Semua adalah agen Server Poker V, jadi tidak usah di ragukan lagi kredibilitasnya.


Tapi yg namanya hacker, lambat laun pasti akan tau cara untk membobol system dari setiap server. Maka dari itu setiap server pasti akan meng upgrade system keamanannya, begitu juga dengan Server Poker V.


Berikut Cara Mengamankan Akun dari Hacker di Server Poker V :


Gunakan fitur Pertanyaan Rahasia

Login di agen poker anda dan klik Password

Lalu klik Tukar Pertanyaan Rahasia

Setelah itu tanda ceklis di Non aktifkan pertanyaan rahasia di hilangkan

Setelah tanda ceklis hilang, anda baru bisa memilih pertanyaan apa yg anda inginkan. Jika pertanyaan kurang cocok, kalian bisa klik Tukar pertanyaan Rahasia lagi dan akan muncul pertanyaan yg lain. baca juga : maksut dari nominal unik pada deposit judi online

Jawaban dri pertanyaan nya pun bisa di isi asal yg penting kalian ingat dgn jawabannya. Lalu klik OK dan muncul pemberitahuan Pertanyaan rahasia telah diperbarui lalu klik OK lgi.

Setelah semua berhasil, saat anda login kembali …