December 6, 2023


John Kearns has left 먹튀검증커뮤니to go do some TV work apparently.

:: Kearns’ey left because everyone leaves the graveyard shift including Charlie Wolf aka “Seawolf” from his Laser 558 days- even if they do return to Talk Sport one day.

Q: Will John Kearns and Spanner return?

A: Even they don’t know I reckon, but I guess they will one day.

The question gets asked quite a lot – Play Winning Poker boss Steve Badger not only answers but issues a challenge to the naysayers

Source = Winner Online Gambling Discussion – Party Poker RIGGED?

Badger says :. It would be very simple for you to show what you pretend is happening :: get a Geocities page and post 1000 consecutive hand histories that show anything ‘funny’.

In the history of online poker people who don’t know poker very well come in waving their arms about ‘bad beats’ and other nonsense, but they never, ever, EVER take the one simple step of providing any evidence.

♠ This is because of two reasons.

(1) these sort of people don’t keep hand histories. They prefer to content themselves with a fantasy world of arm-waving.

(2) posting 1000 consecutive hand histories would almost certainly be definitive evidence not of ‘bad beats’ but of bad poker playing.

♠ If you believe what you say, put up your last 1000 hands and show us. 1000 hands wouldn’t ‘prove’ anything, but it is something tangible that is neither crying nor arm-waving.”

Gamblog comment :. Stevie knows you know and when you know you’ll know too – kookookachoo.

As previously announced today, May 21st, football?s governing body has repealed its decision to deduct six points from Cameroon?s 2006 qualification campaig

♣ Did you vote?

Wayne Rooney – the Everton FC Wonderkid is to sign for Man Utd apparently.

Word is high level talks are taking place between Wayne Rooney’s people and Man Utd representatives.

Added to that news the Everton transfer bid of £7 million for Leeds player Alan Smith, then the rumours of Wayne Rooney’s imminent departure to Man Utd would seem to hold water.

John Kearns is leaving the employ of Talk Sport Radio and Our Spanner is leaving too.

♣ Night owls here in the UK listen to the 1am to 6am John Kearns and Spanner slot and get a bundle of laughs.

As per usual the why’s and where’s of why radio presenters like John Kearns have left and where they are going to work next is a closely guarded secret.

♣ I look forward to the next radio presenter to take the graveyard shift at Talk Sport Radio, listen to the Radio, watch him/her leave the Radio Station and then wonder why in fact the Radio Show Presenter has indeed dropped the graveyard shift and left.

Lol – did you come here to find out WHY JOHN KEARNS LEFT TALKSPORT?

♣ I will email John Kearns and Spanner tonight (the last show) and ask him to comment on WHY he left Talk Sport Radio?