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There are lots of affiliate programs out there where you can make money simply by putting up a few banners or links. Got2Bet has searched the Net for the best programs and lists them here for your benefit. Not only that, many of the casinos share the same affiliate program, so you can save the time and trouble of applying to each casino in many instances if you check the listings here first.


Just because the program is not listed here does not mean it is no good, however – obviously I only have a limited amount of time and new casinos and programs are popping up all over the place. If you know of a program which is good and is not listed here, click here to send me an email and I promise I will get around to it within a few days. If you still don’t see it after a week or so, send me another email and I will explain my Data Hkreasons for not putting up that listing.


How we rate Any site that receives “Recommended” status means that it delivers on its promises, maintains a high level of support, pays affiliates well and on time (casino affiliates) or is well-targeted and brings quality traffic back to your site (banner exchanges). Obviously it can’t be recommended if we don’t use it ourselves, because then we would have no first-hand knowledge – but I assure you that reviews are objective and unbiased because you demand that – besides who wants to participate in a program which does not deliver on its promises? Other programs you see on this site must necessarily be “Under Review” or Neutral or else they will be taken off the site and assigned into “Not Recommended” – or they haven’t been around long enough to be assigned any status yet.




Casino Affiliate Program: Captain Cook’s Casino

You will recognize Captain Cook’s as Got2Bet’s first Gaming Site of the Month in March 2000. In the review, I noted that there would be an eagerly awaited affiliate program soon, and now it’s finally here.


Captain Cook’s has followed the lead of Casino Coins in providing the best affiliate program on the market. Webmasters can earn up to 35% of profits, as well as up to 2% of referred webmaster’s revenue down to five levels!


Frankly, I can’t decide which one is better, so I’ve signed up for both of them. But because Captain Cook’s is new on the market you early birds out there can jump in at the ground level, whereas with Casino Coins there are already quite a number of affiliates out there. So Click Here to sign up now!


Casino Affiliate Program: Casino Coins – Updated Oct. 6, 2000

Casino Coins is a grouping of two corporate entities with a total of five casinos on the Net. Undoubtedly you will recognize some of them as amongst the most popular casinos today.


Member casinos include English Harbour, Caribbean Gold and Silver Dollar, all operated by the English Harbour Entertainment Group, and Orion and Superslots, operated by Odds On, Inc. More…


Casino Affiliate Program: Referback – Updated Dec. 20, 2000


This is the new version of the affiliate program for Lucky Nugget and Riverbelle Casinos – and they’ve added two new casinos, Gaming Club and Orbital.


First looks – WOW! I must say that is the most impressive concept for an affiliate site I have seen. A HUGE improvement on their old program.


Now putting the program through its paces, to test that it works the way it should.


If you want to take a look now, ReferBack is open for business!




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