Daniel Craig is back on set

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Indispensable James Bond of recent years, actor Daniel Craig, yesterday returned to the set. Actor, recall, had to stop shooting in the new Bond film “007: Spectrum” because of the resulting injury on the set. Initially, the actor got a knee injury during the filming of episodes in the Austrian Alps, and in London “Pinewood Studios” Craig re-injured his knee during the shooting of one of the fights.Daniel had to fly to New York, where he underwent a complicated operation. Are you looking for business translation services? Contact Translation Services UK

According to press reports, Craig is already quite ready to act, but now he needs to take care of himself. Now an understudy replaces the actor in many stunts.

The newspaper “The Sun”, referring to a reliable source, wrote that Daniel Craig is a pretty strong guy and he wants to return to work as soon as possible. But nowonly the actor’s face flickers in the frame, an understudy is running instead of Craig. The actor now have to be very, very careful with his knee and it is not known when he will again be able to act in action scenes.

Melissa McCarthy will lead the team of hunters for ghosts

44-year-old Melissa McCarthy, a star of Hollywood comedies, will soon become the main ghost hunter. According to press reports, McCarthy was approved for the lead role in the movie “Ghostbusters.” This picture is an adaptation of a famous female movie about fighters with different evil spirits, shot in 1984. Then only at the box office in US the film grossed $ 238 million. A co-workers of McCarthy against ghosts will be Lesley Jones, Kristen Wiig and Kate McKinnon.

The film director Paul Feig said that Melissa McCarthy is exactly who they were looking for. The actress is a real leader of the group, she is the captain, but that does not mean that the creators distinguish her among all the others. According to the director, the actors are all on equal terms, because all of these women are strong and funny.

It is not specified who will write the script for the female version of hunters, as well as it is not known when the work on this project will begin.

Olympique Lyonnais regained the top spot in Ligue 1

A missed match of 32-th round in the league was played in the football championship of France. Olympique Lyonnais in its field took the League Cup finalist “Bastia” and managed to win with a score 2: 0. The home team is back on the 1st place in the table, ahead of “Paris Saint-Germain.”

“Bastia”, which a few days ago played against “PSG” in the League Cup final and lost, looked tired. And the ex-leaders of the French, who are struggling with the Parisians for the first place, took full advantage of their advantage in physical strength.

However, Olympique Lyonnais managed to score only in the end of the meeting: Yattara and Lakazett brought back 3 points to the hosts and returned the leadership. However, the “Paris Saint-Germain” have the missing match, so that Parisians could well lead again to outstrip the team from Lyon.


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