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Soccer or football (depending on your country), is one of the most popular sports to bet on. In the world of betting (on soccer), just like in real life, it is important for you to set a certain goal and work towards it. You might be asking yourself: How should I bet on soccer? What are the basic principles? How much money will I make? If you are a beginner and if you are interested in betting on soccer, this article will help you. First off, if you want to win against your soccer bookies, you must know the primary principles of soccer betting (knowing when and how to bet).


There are a few important factors that you need to consider before entering the world of soccer betting:


Team Form: pay attention to their recent team formation. Check the situation and the player of the opposition. If you are available, you should read the game reports to check if the opposing team won because the opposition of the other team was unlucky.


Home and Away Records: it is important to check for home and away statistics. Sometimes teams will play better at their home ground while other teams will play better while they are away. You should also check if that game was a local derby, and if the teams were sharing the stadium.


Head-to-head: always pay attention to the history of the two clubs. It is very important to know the home and away history of the teams. You would be surprised how the history can repeat itself.


Team news: be sure to always check your Togel Online team for suspensions. You need to be aware of which teammates are missing and how important they were. If the one of the teammates was injured, check if it is a long-term injury, or something minor. Moreover, do not forget to check out the new member who will be replacing the old, is he good or is he bad.


Hope Solo, Morgan Brian


Motivation: this is one of the most important factors for betting in general, especially if the season end is nearing. Check out the teams statistic throughout the whole season, and if the team is possibly considering playing in the domestic cup.


Schedule: keep up with the teams schedule. You need to be aware of how many games have been played in these recent days. Check when or if your team is playing again, since it is possible for them to get tired. Additionally, be sure to know how important the next game is to your team.


Focus: everybody has their own specialty and expertise. Sometimes there can be a few hundred soccer matches a day. It is very important for you to stay focused on the matches that will be held on a certain day.


Quality: this does not equal quantity. Even if betting more might give you a bigger profit, it can also bankrupt your wallet. There is no need for you to bet on soccer every day.


Discipline: you must draw a line in your head before making any kind of a bet. There must be a limit to how much money are you willing to spend, how much money you can afford to lose.


These tips will help you gamble responsibly:


1) Play within your budget, set yourself a reasonable limit and stick to it. If you exceed that limit, you should stop playing.


2) Never borrow the money you want to bet with.


3) You should never spend more money in order to try and win back your losses.


4) Do not get frustrated if you lose, it happens to all of us. Treat your losses like a part of the fun and entertainment.


5) Do not make gambling your only free-time activity.


6) You should not let others trick you or influence you in betting if you do not wish to bet. Remember, betting is always your choice.


7) If you realized that you are spending a lot of money and you are playing more frequent than usual, stop playing for a short period.


8) Never chase your losses.




Important notes:


– There is no such thing as a guaranteed winning. Do not believe strangers who claim that the game is set up to be a sure win. There will always be a percentage of the game which goes either way.


– Your ‘Good Luck’ will play a major role in betting. Sometimes you may end up on a winning streak, and sometimes things might not go as you planned. If your luck has been down quite a bit, it is a good advice to step down a bit.


– We, as humans, are known to commit rash decisions. You should always stay calm and think before making any kind of a bet.


– Even if you are extremely confident about the game’s outcome, you should refrain from placing a huge bet. There should always be a limit, and if you go over it, you might end up being in debt.


Bet Types: this is a different and the most important factor. Before actually placing any of the bets, you need to know which bets exist, and how do they function. Soccer is one of the games that people love to bet on the most, and there are a lot of different types of bets:The 3-way Moneyline: In this game, there are a lot of competitions with different types of rules, so it is always the safest if you are well informed before placing your bet. Many competitions end up with the result being a draw, so there are three different bets that you can place between Team 1 and Team 2.The 3-way Moneyline: In this game, there are a lot of competitions with different types of rules, so it is always the safest if you are well informed before placing your bet. Many competitions end up with the result being a draw, so there are three different bets that you can place between Team 1 and Team 2.


1.The 3-way Moneyline: In this game, there are a lot of competitions with different types of rules, so it is always the safest if you are well informed before placing your bet. Many competitions end up with the result being a draw, so there are three different bets that you can place between Team 1 and Team 2.


Team 1 wins. Team 2 wins. Team 1 and Team 2 draw.


Soccer bets are based on the game time, which is usually around 90 minutes, plus all of the added time in the game (for example, injuries or some stoppages). Since any Golden Goals, Overtimes or Penalty Shoot-Outs are not considered as “Regular Time”, they do not count. For example, in the World Cup elimination stages, the tournament requires a winner so that it can progress to the next part, but all of the bets will be settled on a 90 – minute play, which is considered as Regular Time. This is way, a draw is a very possible outcome, and people often like to bet on a ‘draw’, in games where one team must be eliminated.The 2-way Moneyline but without the Draw outcome: This is another way that the gamblers like to bet, which is also known as the “Draw, No Bet”. This way, the gamblers will wager their money on the outcome of the game, which can only end up by:


  1. The 2-way Moneyline but without the Draw outcome: This is another way that the gamblers like to bet, which is also known as the “Draw, No Bet”. This way, the gamblers will wager their money on the outcome of the game, which can only end up by:


Team 1 wins. Team 2 wins.


If you decide to bet like this, there is no option for the Draw outcome.  There will probably be enlarged odds for the favored team and lower odds for the underdogs. If a game does end with a Draw, your bet will be refunded or “No-Actioned”, it would be as if you have never even placed this bet.


  1. Goal Lines Bet: this bet is quite similar to the 2-way Moneyline (but without the draw). This bet allows the players to win with multiple outcomes of the game. Puck Lines in hockey and Point Spreads in football are very similar to Goal Lines. A Goal Line would typically be about 0,5 goals, as for the more favored teams the Goal Line is 1; 1,5; 2; 2,5; 3… And so on.


  1. Totals in betting: Unlike in a lot of other sports, totals in soccer work quite differently, and they can be shown in a lot of .25 goals. Since scoring in soccer is minimal, bookmakers will usually set a Total of 2,25 or 2,75. For example: if you were to bet on the Over a 2,25 goals, half of your bet will be placed on the “Over 2”, and your other half of the bet will be placed on “Over 2,5”. If the game you bet on settles with 2, then you will lose half of your bet (Over 2,5), but you will be refunded the other half of the bet (Over 2). You will win both bets (Over 2,5 and Over 2) if the game settles on a 3. Another good example is if you place your bet on the Under 2,75 goals. Here, half of your bet will be placed Under 2,5 goals and your other half of the bet will be on the Under 3 goals. You will lose half of your bet (Under 2,5) and will be refunded the rest (Under 3) if the game lands on a 3.


After deciding on your maximum budget, you should choose your maximum bet. Do not place all of your money on just one bet. When you distribute your risk in-between multiple bets or games, it can end up giving you a profit. Thus, if you limit your maximum bet, you will increase the chances of winning.


soccer ball on heap of money


Make or choose the correct strategy for betting. At the beginning, start betting on just two basic categories: Total Under/Over 2,5 goals and Time Result. With the Full-Time Result you can bet on 3 possible outcomes of the game; Home Win, Away Win or Draw. With the Total Under/Over 2,5 goals, you are selecting whether the number of goals in that game will be over or under 2,5. The advanced statistical models proved that making a bet on one of these two bets will be the most effective.


You must understand the probabilities of different outcomes. The probabilities of game outcomes are usually defined between a 0%, which is a no chance, or a 100%, which is a sure bet. For example, the probabilities of the Full-Time outcome may go as follows: Away Win = 25%, Draw = 15% and a Home Win = 60%. And the probabilities of the Total Under/Over 2,5: Over 2,5 = 55% and Under 2,5 = 45%. The total of the Full-Time Outcome needs to be a 100% because one of the outcomes is sure to take place. The Probabilities of Total Under/Over with a 2,5 also has to be a 100%, because, in the end, any soccer game will either have more or fewer goals than 2,5. In other words, these probabilities are nothing more than your guesses on the upcoming outcomes of the game.


Understand that the market has “Fixed Odds”. For the Under/Over 2,5 and the Full-Time outcomes, bookmakers like to define some fixed odds for both of them. For example, the outcomes’ odds of Full Time can be: Away Win = 5,8; Home Win = 1,5 and a Draw 3,6. That means that any amount you place on a Home Win and win (for example), will be multiplied by 1,5 (your amount * 1,5 = the amount you win from the bookmaker). If you do not win this bet, you will lose the amount worth your initial bet. This makes the odds you wager multiply, so you need to know the odds of every game you want to bet on.


There is a strong connection between the probabilities and the odds. If the odds were, for example, Home Win 1 / 1,5 * 100 = 66%, Draw 1 / 3,6 * 100 = 27% and the Away Win 1 / 5,8 * 100 = 17% plus the bookmakers commission of 10%, that equals to 110%. If you multiply their inverses: you will get the probabilities for the given outcomes, which are: Home Win: 1 / 1,5 * 100 = 66%, 1 / 3,6 * 100 = 27% and the Away Win 1 / 5,8 * 100 = 17%, which together they all give 100%. The 10% difference between these two examples represents the bookmaker’s commission that he adds to the odds. If you subtract the 10% / 3 from the examples above, you will then get the exact probabilities of the bookies: Away Win = 13%, Home Win = 63% and Draw = 24%.


Football player volleying ball 18836852


Always choose your own bookmaker. The bookmaker with the highest odds for the outcomes you wish to bet on is the best bookmaker for you. Some websites with betting tips will even offer you a list of all of the bookmakers together with their odds of each game. You can choose the bookmaker that is the most suitable, the one with the highest odds, and you must register if you want to place a bet.


Compare the betting probabilities with the odds. There is a well-known way to compare your probabilities with the bookmakers’ odds, by simply multiplying. If the result of multiplying leaves you with a higher number, that means you have a very good chance of winning or profiting. However, if these predictions turn out to be inaccurate, then there is probably something wrong with your outcome calculation.


For example, if the odds of the bookies are:


Away Win = 5,8; Home Win = 1,5 and a Draw = 9,6


And the odds you found on the Internet are:


Away Win = 25%, Home Win = 60% and the Draw = 15%;


then the results of multiplying the odds is:


Away Win = 5,8 * 25%,= 1,45; Home Win = 1,5 * 60% – 0,9;  and Draw = 3,6 8 15% = 0,54.


You can notice that the Away Win has the highest potential of winning. Unfortunately, the Away Win still only has a 25% chance of winning, so if you do bet on the Away Win, you only have a 25% chance of winning the bet.


Find a stake that has a higher winning potential. There is a rule called “the rule of thumb” and it says: you should always wager your bets on the outcomes that have odds, which are higher than three and a probability, which is higher than a 40%.  If this is the case, the outcome value is going to be 1,3.


Calculating your stakes: Stake = 1 / 100 *Budget*(Probability – ( 100%-Probability)/(Odds – 1))


Wisely choose your preferred leagues or teams. Once you have found the best tipping website (for you), you are able to evaluate the performance for each of the leagues by comparing the real match results and the tips it will provide. You should choose the leagues where the performance of the site is the most accurate, and where the difference between the bookies’ and site’s prediction is the biggest. This way you will surely increase your chances of winning.


Remember, there are always the unpredictable factors. You should pay attention to the number of factors that may be influencing the predictions, and they can be; the type of the match: National / international language, or a friendly game or a cup. The predictions of Cups and friendly games are usually incorrect. The priority of the Match: each team can define their own priority for the upcoming match because the resources that the teams can use are not unlimited. Pay attention so you do not bet on the matches with low priorities. Time of the match: remember that the predictions will usually be inaccurate at the end and at the beginning of any season. Pay attention to the players and their injuries or illnesses that might significantly change the odds of the game.


Denis Santos celebrates as his team Brazil scores the second goal against Croatia in the first half of the World Cup 2014 at the Brazilian Bar and Grill


As mentioned earlier, soccer betting is one of the most popular betting games, and for a good reason. It is really simple and easy to learn how the soccer betting system works, and once you do figure it out, you can make an easy profit. However, you always need to make sure you are not spending more than you can afford to lose, and never borrow money that you want to gamble away. Make a weekly schedule and money plan, and always stick to it. If you are not sure about some of the factors, you can always ask your bookmaker to help you, or you can find the answers on the internet. Just remember that the soccer betting can be really fun and enjoyable, but only if you make it that way. Consider your losses as a part of the betting game, and do not get angry and greedy, play responsibly, and make sure you are introduced to all of the possible outcomes and the variety of bets.


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