I Got A Judi Slot Online Complaint!

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At WINNERonline we hear a lot of complaints from Internet casino players. Some are justified, many are not. way there is usually a solution to the problem and often there are ways to avoid the problem in the first place. Let’s look at a few of the most common complaints.


I just won $$$ at Casino XYZ and they haven’t paid me yet. Help!

Every casino has very specific payout procedures and the player must follow them closely. In many cases the player simply hasn’t allowed enough time for the payout process to run its course. Checks may only be processed at the end of the month, for example. Also checks will take time to work their way through the (often international) mail system. Want your money faster? Look at the money wire or bank transfer options but be sure you read the fine print. These options often have service fees and/or amount restrictions.


Whether it’s your first or your 50th casino we can’t stress enough the importance of studying the casino’s withdrawal procedure in detail before you deposit money and play.


I keep emailing the casino and they don’t respond!

I can’t count the number of times that we’ve advised players to ensure that their casino has international 800 numbers and that they try the number(s) before playing. It may seem boring but it’s almost always the best, least stressful time to give the casino’s Customer Service a try. Back to the problem at hand: no email response. Have you double and triple checked that you’re mailing to the correct email address? Have you tried the other email addresses for the casino? Often writing to the casino’s “pitboss” or “manager” email address will help expedite things. As a last resort to an unresponsive casino I always recommend that the player appeal to the masses. Try posting a message on our message boards. A lot of players and casino managers read these message boards regularly and can often help in bring your sad story to a happy conclusion.


I can’t connect to Casino XYZ! Have they gone belly up?

This is often more of an internet connectivity problem than a real failure on the casino’s part. Caribbean-based casinos, for instance, are known to have intermittent Internet outages. In any case the player is simply advised to wait a day or so and try again.


One little trick I often use to see if there’s still a heartbeat at a casino is to log onto the Internet and go to the casino’s website. If the site is up and running there’s a good chance the casino is too. In fact the site will often have a “Current Status” page where they report any connectivity problems the casino software may be experiencing.


Also check your email, specifically the email address you gave the Judi Slot Online casino. You may have received an “expected outage” or “scheduled downtime” message from the casino management that will answer your questions.


Finally, if the casino has been unexpectedly offline for more than a day or two then the other players will almost certainly have reported it on the message boards. The casino management may themselves have gone to the boards to deal with player’s concerns.


Casino XYZ has denied me access and called me a “bonus abuser”. Why?

Casinos are known for being exceedingly picky that the rules and conditions of the bonus be followed to the letter. Go back and read those rules and conditions again to see if there’s some way that you’ve (inadvertently?) violated the procedure.


One good way to get flagged as an abuser is to repeatedly meet only the minimum requirements then cash out. Strictly speaking this isn’t abuse but rumour has it that the casino transaction software — often a service shared by many casinos — flags such cases and reports them to the casino managers. And casino managers don’t like players who come in to play only for the bonuses.


To solve the “access denied” problem you need to contact the casino’s Customer Service or manager and plead your case. After all it’s their place of business and at the end of the day it’s their good will that will get you reinstated and/or allow you to continue to play.






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