More Women Seeking Ligaz11 Gambling Information on

Share This Post, an online gaming portal for women, has reported that it is receiving over 1,000 unique visitors each day., an online gaming portal for women, has reported that it is receiving over 1,000 unique visitors each day. This is up over 100 per cent over the previous week. Numerous industry studies have shown that women represent more than 50 per cent of the online gambling population, and industry experts say that women’s activities in gambling-related sites have been increasing. “Women’s interest in online gambling is certainly on the rise,” said Maryann Morrison, CEO of Morrison Intermedia, which markets the website. “Gamble Goddess was created to bring these women together, and the recent surge in web traffic is showing us that more women are interested in sharing gambling information.”


The site has been in existence since July 2001. The owners at Yorktown Ventures, Inc., a New York City based company, noticed that women did not have a comfortable place to find information on gambling and that the number of women playing in online casinos was rising rapidly. One of the many reasons that women tend to enjoy gambling online is the anonymity of the Internet and that they can play and learn at their own pace. offers their members points while they browse through the site, which include: special bonuses, gaming site reviews, chat rooms, play for fun Ligaz11 games by the leading software companies, tips on playing better, and beauty samples from cosmetic manufacturers and dealers. Women can trade their points for subscriptions to magazines, gift baskets, t-shirts, and gaming supplies. The site is also in Cantonese, Mandarin, and Japanese.


Game Development Search Engine Unleashes Latest Spider on the Web


The Game Development Search Engine is crawling with excitement! After six months of testing, version 3.0 of the GDSE’s web crawler, Spider Robinson, has been unleashed on the web.


Halifax, NS (02/22/2002) — The Game Development Search Engine (, an information portal that serves the game development community, has upgraded its web search engine to a beta version 3.0b. This is the second release of the GDSE’s web crawler, Spider Robinson.


“Although this new version is a beta release,” General Manager, James Rozee, said, “Spider Robinson has been through several test indexing phases over the past six months in an effort to increase its stability and speed over its first design. What previously took days to index, now takes only hours.”


“This should be an exciting time for our users,” James later added, “starting with this release, users will notice many new improvements and changes to our site. In addition to better response times due to new hardware and more efficient code, there will be changes to the GDSE’s site layout, features and more user involvement. We have several new development services waiting in the wings to be released this year — not the least of which are a completely renewed web-based Newsgroup service and more improvements to Robinson.”


About the GDSE

The Game Development Search Engine is owned and operated by Dungeon Crawl Software. In addition to providing search results from documents contained on many of the major Internet development sites (including GameDev.Net and Gamasutra), the GDSE also provides access to development Newsgroups, free spam-filtered email, an extensive web directory and many more useful development services. Spider Robinson is a web bot coded in 100% java. It obeys the robot exclusion standards.





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