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There have only been a handful of movies made that revolve around poker. Most motion pictures tend to show a brief scene or two and weave it into the storyline. Of the few that have anything to do with poker at all, even fewer are worth the airtime. Here is a collection of noteworthy movies released through the ages that are more specific about poker as the main theme.


Rounders slot online is often touted as one of the best and most inspirational poker movies in existence. No Limit Texas Hold’Em gained a new fan base when this movie brought it into millions of homes around the country and, indeed, around the world. Released in 1998, this movie stars Matt Damon in the lead role, playing a reformed gambler who is forced to play another game of high stakes poker in order to help his friend pay off the loan sharks that are after him. Johnny Chan has a cameo role.


Maverick is a feel-good, fun movie in true Mel Gibson style. It follows the Old West gambling scene – booze, cowboys and cards – and leads up to a major poker tournament where the winner takes all. Jodie Foster and James Garner, the original Maverick, play supporting roles.

The Cincinatti Kid is a classic poker movie. Steve McQueen plays a young card-player in New Orleans, who tries to climb his way up the ladder to win the title of the best poker player of all time. When he finally meets the Togel Singapore title holder, he gets his chance to realize his dream and play for the title.


A Big Hand for a Little Lady is a common favorite among poker enthusiasts. Henry Ford plays a man who stakes his entire family fortune to buy into the biggest high-stakes game in the Old West. He suffers a heart attack at a time when his game could go either way and so his wife, Mary, takes his place by default.


The Big Blind, Togel Singapore is a low-budget film created with a poker audience in mind. Lacking the Hollywood bells and whistles, the film with its numerous realistic poker scenes may appeal to hardcore poker players as it was written and directed by poker player, David James. It follows the lives of a dozen players in California but doesn’t have much of a plot outside of the game play.


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