The ‘Pringoooals’ event for Togel Singapore football fans to perform their original goal celebrations

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The England players are not performing any goal celebrations, but you can see some here.


On 26th May at the Soho Theatre in London, Pringles hosted an event where football fans, inspired by Peter Crouch’s robot dance, performed their own weird and wonderful celebrations to a live studio audience.


A stream of hopefuls turned up on the day to try and impress a celebrity judging panel consisting of …


Comedian Paddy Mcguinness of Phoenix Nights fame, Peter”The voice of Togel Singapore X Factor” Dixon and Andrew ‘Starman’ Stone the wannabe pop star from Sky 1’s documentary – Pineapple Dance Studios


The event was hosted by Capital Radio DJ Kat Shoob and during the course of the day she introduced all sorts of goal celebrations to the crowd, from the sublime to the frankly ridiculous.


The top ten as voted for by the judges have made it onto the Pringles Face book page where visitors can now vote for their favourites with the most ‘liked’ winning a state of the art 3d home entertainment system to help them enjoy the rest of the Summer’s World cup action You can see the celebrations and highlights of the day including an Andrew Stone Dance master class at


World Cup 2010.


We headed to Rustenburg on our third day to see the site of Robert Green’s finest hour; expecting a game poor both in quality and attendance. Armed with this attitude, the New Zealand v Slovakia contest did not fail to disappoint. The tournament organisers had been widely advertising the availability of tickets for this highly forgettable encounter.


Neither country is used to football at this level – indeed it was Slovakia’s first ever appearance in the tournament – and it showed. A painfully poor standard of football did little to lift the spirits of the paltry crowd. We suppressed our boredom by walking around the ground to see if the view improved from different sides of the pitch. It didn’t.


Although the Slovaks took the lead and look set to lead Group F after the first round of matches, Liverpool’s Martin Skrtel could not prevent a late Kiwi goal which earned New Zealand a share of the spoils. Continuing the theme of questionable decisions we decided to leave the ground a minute prior to the equaliser, before heading to neighbouring Botswana for tea. That sounded very Rhodesian, but in reality it was only Coke and Pringles. At 10pm we were unsure of which country we would be sleeping in that night, never mind which hotel. Just the way it should be.


The following morning we woke somewhere near an international border, in a suspect B&B which refused to serve us breakfast. The morbidly obese lady at the reception did not appreciate my suggestion that her establishment-cum-service should be renamed ‘bed’, although we cleared the air over a chat about Mick’s hair, which by this stage was spiralling out of control. Danny came over for a ‘quick’ chat but eventually we shut him up and were on the road again, heading east.


World Cup 2010.


The general aim was to head for Kruger Park, but the closer our position came to the Mozambique border, the greater the possibility of adding another World Cup fixture to the collection. We arrived at the distinctive and distinctly impressive Mbombala Stadium in Nelspruit just before kick off. At that point I paid a local the equivalent of ten English pounds for a ticket to the most entertaining game we had seen. The skilful Chileans comfortably overcame the Hondurans 1-0, although that margin did not accurately reflect the gulf in ability between the two teams. With Chile completing the quintet of impressive South American teams, expect the World Cup’s most successful continent to produce another winner in South Africa.


Day four, game four – not a bad start to the World Cup. Now Kruger calls, as we head towards the legendary wildlife national park that has a larger land mass than Holland. Allegedly there is a monkey there with a bigger mouth than Danny and more hair than Mick, but I’ll have to meet him to believe it. That aside, in a temporary break from football fever, day five is all about the big five.





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