We Ain’t Hardly Gamblin’ Sihoki Slot

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You call this gamblin’? The eight players in the 1972 Sihoki Slot wouldn’t think so. When Johnny Moss, Amarillo Slim Preston, Doyle Brunson, Puggy Pearson, Crandell Addington, Sailor Roberts, et al, put up $10,000 it was worth a good deal more than $10,000 is today.
Taking into account the inflation that has ocurred over the years, we’d have to up chuck $45,611.08 to be putting the same value on the line.
icolai Vivet Out
Nicolai finishes 51st and is taking home a prize of $164,932, which should certainly fund future tournament attempts. Right after the dinner break Nicolai was moved from the feature table to a table with Allen Cunningham, and again had a monster chip stack to his right. Unfortunately he appeared unable to do much with the cards he was getting. Short-stacked and in late position, he came over the top of a raise from the player under the gun. UTG called and fliped queens, leaving Nicolai with only a 30% chance to win the hand.
The flop was 8c Jc 2h, giving Nicolai a few more outs, but none arrived and he was sent to the rail.
Congratulations to Nicolai for an amazing first appearance at the WSOP, and we’ll see you next year.
Rob Roseman Likes Frappacinos
That’s about all I know. That and he has a whole bunch of chips.
I spent a good half of my afternoon today searching for Rob Roseman after we received a comment that he was a Party player. He isn’t wearing Party apparel and with seat changes abound, I had my work cut out for me. Smiling at a floor man, flirting with Card Player interns, winking at Image Master photogs…whatever it took I had to find Rob….no one knew who he was except some kid with and Secret Serviceish earplug….YES!
“Um…he’s out,” young G-man wannabe said.
“No he’s not!”
“Oh yeah, he was over here…oops…he’s gone…um…he’s wearing black,” he said with his back to me.
Running back and forth around the media moat, I asked everyone…I even turned around to the crowd…”ANYONE here to watch Rob Roseman???”
A couple of “yep she’s lost it” looks and then a sign that not all was lost. A white sheet of paper in a Card Player kid’s hand was crossing over the rope.
The O’Reilly Factor
Scott O’Reilly just went out. 54th place … and the first one at the next level of cash payouts: $164,932.
From the looks of it at the table (photo possibly forthcoming) he must’ve taken a ridiculous beat. But finishing in the top 1 percent of the largest live poker field in history, that’s anything but ridiculous.


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