Bowker and Juanda Lead Final 8 at keluar sgp London

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London has been the poker capital of the world for the past month, with more big-name poker series, tournaments and festivals taking place in the city than you can shake a stick at. Among those, the keluar sgp London stop kicked off five days ago and has been a great tournament for everyone involved. Day four has now wrapped up, and the tournament is down to the last remaining eight players, gathered around the final table.
The European Poker Tour is a series of poker tournaments held in various beautiful cities around Europe. The tour is sponsored by PokerStars and, like the Latin American Poker Tour, the Asia Pacific Poker Tour and the North American Poker Tour, coverage of the tournaments is broadcast on television for fans to watch. The first tour began in 2004, and this London stop kicks off the seventh season, which will continue into next year.

Even after a solid month of intense poker action, the junkies still managed to turn out to the EPT London Main Event in full force. 848 players registered for the tournament, setting each of them back £5,000 + £250. The final prize pool is a very impressive £4,112,800 (that’s over $6.5 Million), with the eventual lucky first place getter walking away with exactly £900,000, which is just shy of $1.5 Million dollars.

FlopTurnRiver again performed well in this tournament. You may have read about Danny Steinberg running deep in the WSOPE Main Event in London earlier in September, and now another FlopTurnRiver member, Max Steinberg, has placed in the money at EPT London. The identical last names is no coincidence, and the similarity doesn’t end there either, as the two outstanding poker players and valued FTR contributors are identical twins. Max Steinberg is a force to be reckoned with in online cash games, where he specializes in Heads Up play. He also boasts two second place finishes in major tournaments, one in the 2010 WSOP and another in the first season of the LAPT. Sadly his luck wasn’t so strong in this tournament, but he still managed an impressive run before finishing in 98th place for £9,000.

Those that remained after Max continued battling it out, and now, as the fourth day comes to a close, we are left with eight players on the final table. The biggest stacks by far belong to Kyle Bowker and John Juanda, with each having over 7.5 million in chips, and the third-placed David Vamplew holding only 3.6 million. Juanda and Bowker have been battling it out while sitting right next to each other, each player taking turns at scooping massive pots or eliminating the competition. Time will tell if they continue cutting through the rest of the table or if the two giants will turn their attention on each other, as play continues.

The current chip counts for the remaining eight are as follows:

1. Kyle Bowker – 7,165,000
2. John Juanada – 7,075,000
3. David Vamplew – 3,670,000
4. Artur Wasek – 2,250,000
5. Tom Marchese – 1,480,000
6. Kayvan Payman – 1,295,000
7. Per Ummer – 1,245,000
8. Fernando Brito – 1,100,000


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