The High Stakes Rail – 3/21/10-3/27/10

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The high stakes poker action toned down a bit with the absence of Isildur1. However, that does not mean that there was a complete break in the action. Cole South, Ziigmund, and durrrr were involved in all of this week’s action on tables ranging from $200/$400 to $500/$1000 pot-limit Omaha at Full Tilt crypto gambling r.
The biggest hand of last week happened at a $200/$400 pot-limit Omaha table. With SirWatts in the small blind and geoff7878 in the big blind, Cole South raised to $1,200 with Js8h7s4h and $134,597 in his stack. Durrrr three-bet him to $4,480 from the button with AhAdQd8d and he had South covered. SirWatts folded and geoff7878 cold-called durrrr’s $4,480 three-bet from the small blind with JhJc5h4c. South reraised the action to $18,400 to which durrrr five-bet to $60,160. Geoff7878 called to put his entire stack at risk. South also called out of position to see a flop. The main pot on the flop was $57,555 while the side pot between durrrr and South was $82,057.50. The flop came out 7c7h3s hitting South’s cards hard by giving him trips. South check-called durrrr’s flop shove and increased the side pot to $233,269. Neither the 4s nor the Qs helped durrrr or geoff7878 and South took both pots for a $291,024.50 win.

The next pot took place at a $500/$1000 heads-up table between Ziigmund and Tom “durrrr” Dwan. Effective stacks were $134,593. Ziigmund was on the button and raised to $3,000 with KdJhJc3d. Dwan three-bet the action to $9,000 with KcQs7s6c and Ziigmund called. The flop came Js5c4c hitting both players very hard. Ziigmund caught a set of jacks while Tom Dwan caught a second nut-flush draw and an open-ended straight draw. The money went all-in and Dwan saw he was behind. The Th on the turn gave Dwan four more outs to the backdoor straight. The Ad river was Dwan’s miracle card completing his backdoor straight draw. He sucked out on Ziigmund to win $271,185.50. Even the best need to get lucky sometimes!

At a different table during Ziigmund and durrr’s session of $500/$1000 pot-limit Omaha, durrrr raised from the button to $3,000 with AcAh8s7h and Ziigmund three-bet to $9,000 with the effective stacks starting at $133,989.50. Durrrr four-bet to $27,000 and Ziigmund called out of position. The AdKh6h flop gave Dwan a set of aces along with a nut flush draw. Ziigmund checked to Dwan and Dwan chose to slowplay his monster hand and check. Ziigmund took a shot at the $54,000 pot with a bet of $34,000 on the 4c turn. Durrrr continued to slowplay and smooth called. On the 2d river, Ziigmund checked and durrrr shoved $73,489.50 with his set of aces. Ziigmund called and saw the bad news; he was beat. Ziigmund mucked his hand and durrrr took the $268,978.50 pot.

At a $300/$600 pot-limit Omaha heads-up table between Ziigmund and Cole South, the effective stacks were at $122,389.50. South was on the button and started the action by raising to $1,800 with QhJd9c4c. Ziigmund reraised to $5,400 with AsAh6h2s and South called in position. The Td8s7s flop was nice to Ziigmung giving him a nut flush draw but it was huge for South flopping him a straight! All the money went in on the flop and the pot inflated to $245,978.50. Ziigmund saw he was drawing to a flush and was hoping to see a spade on the turn or river. Unfortunately for him, the 9h turn and 7d river were of no help. South shipped the huge pot.


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