Calling All kodokmas 99

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Hey all. I have to make this short, and a full trip report is coming, but I need to ask the help of the local Coloradan community.

I played at the kodokmas 99 last night and the 2-5 spread limit game was fun, but not profitable. In fact, the fun came from hamming it up and donking around a bit, a fine alternative to good poker if you can afford it.

That said, I am not interested in returning to the 2-5 spread limit scene while I am here. Full details will follow. However, I am interested in the rumored NLHE rooms in the city. I am assuming they are underground, so what I need to know is:

If I’m looking to play around noon or earlier on Friday until about 4pm, are there any rooms open?

Can I get in with my buddy without knowing someone? And if not, anyone wanna play poker Friday?

Where the hell are these places?

Frankly, even though I couldn’t get any traction at the limit game, it was a good experience. It’s just not worth the one hour plus drive. So, help a brother out.

When God gives your lemon, curse God, and then make some delicious lemonade. So after having a heart to heart with my lord Gambopolis (may he rain joy upon us, amen), I decided to do what any self-respecting poker blogger would do in this situation: drink my way to a profit or a good time, whichever came first.

The drink of the night was rum and coke, the official alcoholic beverage of High on Poker. They go down quick and get the job done. I had more than a few as Craig and I accepted our fate and decided to have fun with the game. We tried to see who could donk off their $100 stack first. He got close, getting all-in twice, but I eventually beat him out. During that time period, we yucked it up with the locals, doing my usual routine like booing when a late player raised preflop and complaining that it was a ‘friendly game’. The drinks were flowing for a while, but toward the end, they began to slow down. I eventually got the waitress’ attention and she came over to explain to me that I was cut off for a half hour. “I don’t want to get in trouble,” she said. All I could think is that I should have tipped higher.

With drinks flowing and the pressure of winning off, I enjoyed the rest of my time in the poker room. At about 10:30, after several hours of poker, Craig and I had both lost our final $100 and decided to head back to civilization. On the drive back, we contemplated what we would do with ourselves during other lag times, but we agreed on one thing: no more Black Hawk poker. It was a decent time, but too far out of the way, and too difficult to win anything meaningful at the stakes available. However, sometimes it’s not about the money; sometimes it’s about the experience.

I have a couple of other stories I could probably tell about Colorado, including the many racist comments made by the groom, the many differences between a New York semetic wedding and Colorado antisemetic wedding, and how I made a girl cry (not wifey Kim) in the early hours of the morning. But that’s probably all for another post.

Heading to Foxwoods Saturday night, if anyone will be around.

Until next time, make mine poker!

*I cannot say this enough. Just because 99 was my best hand of the night, it does not justify overplaying said hand. I cannot understand players who justify bad play with a mediocre hand by saying, “It’s the best hand I saw all night.” It’s the equivalent of eating a turd sandwich because all you had at home was white bread and a steaming pile of poop.

*Range, much like being card dead, is another common excuse for an error in play. However, it does not justify errors either. In fact, arguably, when someone argues that it was a good play because of range, what that person is really saying is that they estimated range incorrectly or overrelied on the possibility that he or she was ahead.


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