Dog Blows Bubbles Under Water, Is Clearly a Genius

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As previously documented, dogs love bubbles. To translate this content in other language, contact Translation Companies UK
Some love to eat bubbles, others love to play with bubbles and a baby.
Then there’s Diesel, a Golden Retriever who waits patiently alongside his owner in the following video and then proceeds to blow bubbles underwater on command.
How did the lady possibly train her canine to do this trick? Ponder that question as you view this impressive feat:
This footage arrives on THG just a few hours after the conclusion of National Dog Day.
But, come on. Let’s be honest. Every day is really National Dog Day, isn’t it? How can it not be when we’re surrounded by such cute creatures?!?
Jessie James Decker: Going Dancing With the Stars?
Will Jessie James Decker go Dancing With the Stars this season?
Will the reality show casting gods answer the public’s prayers?!
The country singer, wife of NFL star Eric Decker and co-star (with Eric) on E!’s Eric & Jesse: Game On is one of the rumored contestants for the coming season.
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After the show asked fans who they would most like to see go Dancing With the Stars, Selena Gomez, John Cena, and the Olsen Twins, Decker got the most votes.
Sounds like it’s Game On for her if asked to participate!
“Would be so much fun to be on that show. Best work out ever,” Jessie James Decker, 26 and the mother of a new baby girl, responded via Twitter.
Another rumor has centered around Bachelorette stars Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray, who might BOTH compete on the ABC dancing competition.
“And there has been talk that she is going to do it with her man. They will compete against each other along with the other stars,” the source said.
Between Andi and Jessie, that’d be one good-looking, reality-TV cast (American Ninja Warrior Kacy Catanzaro and Kandi Burruss have also been rumored).
The cast will be announced next Thursday, September 4, on Good Morning America. Who do you want to see this season? Besides Jessie, of course.
That much is pretty much a given if you have a pulse.
Kanye West Doppleganger is The Best Football Player of All Time. OF ALL TIME!!!!
Kanye West once said he’s the Michael Jordan of music.
Regardless of whether or not you believe this to be the case, Zach Bauman is definitely the Kanye West of football.
The Arizona Cardinals rookie running back bears an uncanny resemblance to Mr. Kim Kardashian, as noted by an astute (and hilarious!) Twitter user this week during a preseason game between the Cardinals and Bengals.
To wit:
HA!!! We love it.
(And we definitely understand scouring the field for celebrity look-alikes if one is watching preseason game between the Cardinals and the Bengals.)
In related news, every notice how reality star Derick Dillard looks just like Aaron Rodgers? Really! It’s true!
Here are some other amazing celebrity doppleganger examples:


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